LAND/Shark Stealthbag - Camo Outside/Silver Inside

LAND/Shark "Stealthbag" shelter is a quick donning shelter designed to extend life in cold, wet, windy temperatures or when immersed in cold water. For use on land, the LAND/Shark provides a waterproof one person emergency shelter large enough to provide full body coverage, even over heavy outerwear. It is tough enough to withstand the rigors of a survival situation, yet light enough to not be a burden to carry. For water survival, the LAND/Shark completely encloses the survivor (with a life vest on), up and over the head, and without impairing any other functions. Comes vacuum packed inside a carrying pouch. See for more details. California residents add 9.75%.

LAND/Shark Stealthbag - Camo Outside/Silver Inside
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  • Item #: LS-1400 L/S Camo
  • Manufacturer: Corporate Air Parts
  • Condition: New
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Price $79.95